Sifu Jerome De Silva

I started Nam Pai Chuan as a teenager after being introduced by my cousin who was training at that time. I had always been interested in martial arts from a very young age which stemmed from my father who taught me the basics of combat. When I first started NPC I did not realise at the time that my teacher Master Lai was the founder and head of the system. Going on nearly three decades later he is still my Sifu, mentor and someone to whom I owe a lot. I have been very fortunate throughout my training to have been taught by other senior students, two of whom had a profound effect on my development and understanding of the art.

During the earlier stages of my training I was involved in numerous demonstrations and competitions around the country representing my club and system. I also feel that one of the biggest highlights for me was training with Master Quek in Malaysia and the UK in traditional Shaolin Gao Can, and Master Leow in Malaysia who taught myself and a few other seniors his unique brand and insight to combat arts. In addition to training in NPC I have also studied boxing, wrestling and more recently Tai Chi, all of which have given me a much better insight and helped underpin certain elements of my training.

Working at the “sharp end” of the security industry for the past 21 years, I have had to deal with stressful, violent and dangerous situations throughout, where people’s and my own safety has been threatened. I have experienced these at all levels, from the individual to the crowd/mob/gang. I have learnt to manage these and react appropriately and proportionally. This has given unique insight and experience in the behaviour of people under different circumstances and has taught me how to deal with difficult situations with and without the use of force. It has also taught me how to protect others as well as myself.

For years I have studied with members of UK Special Forces the science and practice of human behaviour and conflict, from individual fighting to strategic operations. I have been taught to view the matter from an overall perspective of both defensive (security, intelligence, deterrence) and offensive (fighting with and without weapons, operations) methods. With this experience I now also advise on, devise and plan relevant training for Police and Military Special Operations members in various countries.